Brands built from the ground up, in which each aesthetic choice responds to a strategic need

A brand is much more than a name or a logo, it is a promise of value, the reflection of our desires and needs as consumers. At Branderlust we offer a holistic approach to creating brands that, through the different channels, are capable of emotionally connecting with the target audience.

Diseño de Identidad corporativa para heladería Belli Freski

Frequently asked questions about Branding services

The logo (generic way of calling the isotype, isologo, symbol, etc.), is the tip of the iceberg of your corporate identity and of course, of your brand. Imagine that it is the seal that everyone has to recognize.
Corporate identity is who you are and how your brand presents itself. It covers the logo in all its versions, of course, as well as its strategic pillars (vision, mission, values), the visual aspects that identify it (colors, fonts, type of images), the way it is communicated, etc.
The brand is everything. It is the perception that users have of your business due to the sum of identity, communication, the user experience on the web, the customer experience in physical stores or in the online world, the type of marketing you do…
Branding, therefore, is the management of all these points to mold as much as possible that image that the client will have of your business or product. In other words: if your business were a person, branding would be the coach that would tell you how to dress, how to speak and how to act to be perceived in the desired way.

Everything is brand. Even you are a brand. So ideally, yes, all projects should aim to build a brand. Nobody puts effort into a business thinking that it will be something small and unimportant, so from the beginning we must think that there will come a time when we want our business to be recognizable and reliable, in short, a good brand.
However, there are times when we must prioritize other types of aspects, such as the validation of a product. This could be the case of startups, which, before creating an entire brand, have to make sure that their idea adds value and is well received.
In any case, in all cases, a strategy must be developed to optimize the budget, knowing that the first impression is always the most important.

The brand is a living being that evolves and faces new challenges every day.
The establishment of a newly created corporate identity (always depending on the size of the project), can take around two months between the questionnaire, presentation of proposals, polishing of the selected proposal and final delivery of the brand kit.
What comes to being the maintenance of that brand, branding, is a constant process in which we can accompany you as a consultancy. Ask us without obligation.

At the beginning of all corporate identity projects, the client has to fill out a questionnaire where we try to break down what they have in mind. Our obligation as designers is to provide original creative solutions that meet the needs, not of our client, but of our client’s client (ie, the end user). All ideas and contributions are more than welcome, but the agency will always try to go further.
Under no circumstances will we develop ideas that plagiarize or copy projects from other designers or found on the internet.

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