Creativity through Monthly Subscription

Hire a monthly block of hours with our team, dedicated to creative strategies and idea execution.

We want to see your project thrive, but above all, feel proudly involved in its growth. Our monthly consulting and support service consists of providing assistance in all the fields specialized by our agency. We dive into your business, collaborate in strategic sessions, and together, we create a unique connection between your vision and our expertise to make your business grow.

Included Services in the Monthly Subscription

The monthly subscription includes all the services that our agency can offer you


- Brand Positioning
- Brand Management
- Design systems and brand books
- Corporate graphic design
- Advertising Design
- Banners and ads design
- Visual content creation for social media
A brand is much more than a name or a logo, it is a promise of value, the reflection of our desires and needs as consumers. At Branderlust we offer a holistic approach to creating brands that, through the different channels, are capable of emotionally connecting with the target audience.

Web design

- Evaluation and improvement of User Experience (UX)
- Multimedia content optimization
- Content and section updates
- Implementation of conversion strategies
- Technical maintenance
- Landing pages creation
- Prototypes
We live in the age of the immediate and the accessible, of information at one click. Surrounded by this scenery, there is a obviously need to be present in the digital showcase. We create websites focused on converting visitors into customers through optimal communication, navigation, and user experience.


- Growth strategies
- SEO Positioning
- Google ads and social media ads
- Email marketing
- Content strategies
- Social Media
- Launch campaigns for new products or services
The responsible promotion of the values ​​and benefits of your business helps you position yourself in the market and connect in a real and lasting way with your target audience. We work to understand your needs and offer you solutions that matter, attracting customers. We manage the entire process: from when a user is completely unaware of your product to when they end up making a purchase.

Who can benefit from the monthly subscription?


If you have a business idea and are looking for a team to help you build a strong brand from the start and identify growth opportunities.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

If you already have a business in operation and need to stand out in a competitive market, we help strengthen your brand’s reputation and improve your positioning.


If you’re looking to start strong, we offer support from ideation sessions, agile implementation, and promotion, providing innovative strategies to boost your startup from the beginning.

How does the Monthly Subscription Work?

  • Immersion and Strategic Audit

    We immerse ourselves in your business and conduct a comprehensive strategic audit to understand the key aspects of your business and, above all, your goals.

  • Strategic Development

    We propose a personalized strategy based on the results of the audit, identifying opportunities for improvement and growth

  • Continuous Implementation and Monthly Monitoring

    We integrate the initial implementations and establish a monthly cycle of assessment and continuous improvement. We translate the strategies into concrete actions month by month to achieve continuous progress

Frequently Asked Questions about the Monthly Subscription Plan

The recommended minimum for the monthly subscription plan is 10 hours per month, which we will distribute among our team based on the actions that need to be executed. If, upon contacting us, we find that we can achieve results with fewer hours, or if you want to increase hours for faster results, we can discuss and study the options.

The monthly subscription plan for our agency services is completely customizable. When we conduct the initial audit, we craft a strategy based on the state of your business and your aspirations, so it’s nearly impossible for the actions we determine for your case to be applicable to another project.

The monthly subscription includes any of the services offered by our agency within branding, web design, and marketing. If there were a special one-time action that came up, requiring an additional investment, we would discuss it with you to ensure your agreement.

Your collaboration will be absolutely indispensable to ensure that our work is aligned with your goals. No one knows your project better than you, so collaboration will involve regular meetings for us to understand your needs, validate texts, hear if you have ideas to expand services or products… essentially, for you to provide us with feedback. We’ll be a team!

Practically all the actions we undertake can be measured in terms of increased revenue, leads, number of event attendees, etc., so you can easily assess whether our assistance is proving valuable Logically, progress doesn’t happen overnight, so we will need a reasonable period to verify that the strategy is effective.

It might make us a bit sad, but beyond that, absolutely nothing will happen You let us know a month in advance to avoid billing for the following month, and that’s it 🙂

Preferably, through email. If the project is relatively complex and we need coordination between several members of our team and yours, we will work with programs like Asana or Slack. Very occasionally, we can use WhatsApp for short communications.

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