Graphic design for events

Get more and better sponsors or collaborators for your event thanks to a firm image. Logo, posters, merchandising, web… We study your case to give your event the character it needs. A firm and careful graphic design will help to convey a sense of confidence and good organization to attendees.

What we do

Design for professional events

Graphic design for fairs and congresses


Not only companies have the need to convey their essence and values: fairs or congresses must also convey trust and good organization. They have to achieve recognition, creating a feeling of belonging to a group, get the attendees to become prescribers to favor new editions. Through event identity we can help you to define and develop the aesthetic part and the strategy to success. We also can helpt to develop merchandise.

Design for private events

Graphic design for weddings and celebrations


Does your event have a more personal character? Do you want to make your wedding a unique party? Transmit to your family and friends that special story that defines you an ideal couple. Let us take care of the graphic details of your great day and make it an unforgettable date: 100% personalized invitations, seating details, menu, photocall, guest book… It will be the party that your guests will never forget .

Case study

Island Jam

From being a small part of a worldwide event, to being the organizers of your own local event.

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