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E-mail marketing

Use e-mail as a marketing and communication tool to retain your customers and convert those who are showing the most interest.

Add value

It is essential that you focus on value and not on selling, otherwise your email open rates will be getting lower and lower.


Apply tags and collect data to find out what topics, products or services are of interest to your newsletter subscribers, and when you send a mail, only do it to the appropriate segment.


Apply methods that allow you to know, through scoring systems, which ones interact the most with your brand and therefore who is most likely to buy.

Frecuently Asked Questions about Email Marketing

Yes, sometimes we use other tools such as MailChimp or MailPoet, however, ActiveCampaign is the one we like the most and we have specialized in it since we have been working with clients that use it for more than five years.

Yes, but you have to do it properly so that your audience is interested in opening your emails.

Of course, without any problem, we will do the entire export process of your tool that you are currently using and we will transfer all the contacts in ActiveCampaign

Strengthen your brand image, get in touch with potential buyers and build trust before proceeding to the sale

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