ATER y Genera

The challenge was to find, first, a name for the second company; then, a visual identity that would follow the same line and concepts as its sister brand using the same graphic language but that would be faithful to its own identity, and third, that both images should be fused on the same support.

The result is two brands represented by two symbols, both evocative of the initials of each company.

That of ATER, an ascending triangle, an abstract A reminiscent of the top of a pine tree; of straight lines in reference to Engineering, green in relation to Sustainability.

Genera’s, a hexagon that resembles a G, a geometric shape that also speaks of engineering and work, blue in reference to wind and hydraulic energy.

Naming, brand architecture and corporate image design for ATER and Genera


After having carried out the redesign of the corporate image of ATER, a company dedicated to engineering and construction projects, a sister company, Genera, emerged, which would be dedicated to installations (electrical, water, gas, fire protection…) , civil works and construction.