Clínica Dolní

Name creation, brand design and web design for Clínica Dolní: plastic and reconstructive surgery

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The Dolní Clinic owes its name to the Venus of Dolní Vêstonice, which is considered the oldest terracotta statuette ever found, a symbol of femininity. The surgeon becomes, 30,000 years after the author of this piece did, the potter who shapes the body.

Beauty is subjective, it is relative. The concept of physical beauty has changed and will change over time. The graphic identity of this clinic flees from today’s stereotypes and defends that every body is beautiful, that cosmetic surgery must be, above all, restorative, healing.

Diseño de Papelería Corporativa para Clínica Dolní
Diseño de marca Clínica Dolní
Diseño publicitario para publicidad de exterior Clínica Dolní
Diseño de páginas web, ejemplo de trabajo realizado para Clínica Dolní