Logo design and corporate identity for d'Andrea, a firm of handmade headdresses and accessories made on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands.


d’Andrea’s mission is to create accessories that accompany the female public in special moments of their lives: a wedding, a communion, a baptism, a special party… Accessories that treasure great memories and that over time have the power to transport us to that special day, recalling beautiful, positive and happy feelings.

In this project we guide its creator and artisan, Andrea, to shape the mission, vision and values that her brand pursues and to transmit them through a logo and visual system of organic, sweet shapes that evoke those natural elements so common in their pieces.

The design of the corporate stationery, the business cards and the labels of the garments, play with a logo capable of working at different levels of composition, without losing the recognition factor of the brand.