Island Jam

Logo, poster and image design for event: Island Jam


The Island Jam is a triennial event that takes place on the island of Gran Canaria. Originally organized as part of the Ludum Dare world event, it consists of a weekend in which several teams of people with different creative abilities come together to make a video game with a time limit of 72 hours. Over time, the event grew more and more local, until they finally decided to create their own independent image. The Island Jam promotes teamwork, fun and networking among creative professionals in the video game sector.

Our objective was to create a lasting image over time, common to all the editions that are held, in order to make it a benchmark event on the islands. Being its organizer the ACADEVI association, we represent this relationship of brands (mother-daughter) through the shield, present in both graphic identities. We borrowed some characters and elements typically present in video games and created the shield of our own battalion, ready to give their best, to learn and, above all, to have fun.

Island Jam: 3rd Edition

Theme: presentation of the new image of the event, with the characters that give it life.

Island Jam: 4th Edition

Theme: summer vibes.

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