Put the icing on the cake by closing your potential sales face to face

Increase your profits by closing the sales of your leads in a professional and systematic way.

The sales closer is the best way to give your potential clients the ultimate push that guides them to buy, especially if we talk about high-value products or services.

Integration of the sales closer service in your business

Strategy to attract customers

If you do not yet have a list of potential clients, we create a strategy to obtain emails and telephone numbers of potential clients in exchange for free high-value content and launching an advertising campaign.

Lead Score

We establish a score for your potential customers to know which are the most likely ones to buy based on their navigation behavior on your website and their interaction with emails.

Optimization of effort and sales result

Our sales closer will first contact higher scored leads in order to optimize time.

Monitoring and statistics

Through a virtual switchboard in keeping with your corporate identity, the conversations will be recorded so that you can listen to them and give us feedback. In addition, you will get call statistics.

CRM tracking

Through a CRM we monitor the status of each of the calls to see what phase they are in and who would be closest to closing.


What is a sales closer?

A sales closer is the person in charge of closing the sale of a product or service with the people who have shown interest. The closing of sales can be done through different tools such as email, messaging applications, phone calls, or a combination of all of them.

Why is it important to integrate a sales closer into your sales strategy?

Especially if we talk about high-value products that make the potential buyer think twice about purchasing, the sales closer will be a great help to know the doubts that potential buyers have and will be able to carry out a personalized follow-up to find the best methods to convince them to finally agree the purchase. In this way, whether the sale is finally closed or not, the company can obtain very valuable information of those people who ultimately do not buy. So that they can take into account their most common problems, perception and doubts when buying.

Why it might be a good idea to outsource the sales closer service?

Perhaps because you only need it for specific campaigns that are carried out once or twice a year or because it is not profitable for you to hire an especific employee for this service. Our sales closers are highly qualified and experienced as professional sales closers with great results in increasing sales.

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