Web design

Attractive and user-focused websites, with the goal of converting visitors into customers

We live in the age of the immediate and the accessible, of information at one click. Surrounded by this scenery, there is a obviously need to be present in the digital showcase. We design websites focused on converting visitors to customers through great communication, navigation and user experience.

What we do

We create a sublime user experience for your corporate website

We design your corporate website with an exquisite user experience in mind, so that your customers and potential customers feel comfortable and safe browsing your website, and quickly find the information they need to make a purchasing decision.​

A self-managed corporate website

We build web pages on the most used content manager in the world, WordPress, which will allow you to modify any aspect of your web page whenever you want, independently and without having to have programming knowledge. Once we finish the web, we deliver it to you, so that you have unlimited access to it.​

Your company website integrated with the payment gateways you need

We integrate your website with the payment methods you need (Stripe, PayPal, RedSys, Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Sequra…). Monetize it by all possible means and with the price plans you want.​

Receive automatic notifications when important events occur on your website

Receive notifications by SMS, Email, Slack and other platforms that your company uses when an important event occurs on your website, so that you and your team can manage efficiently.​

Clear and understandable statistics for your corporate website

We integrate various web analytics tools with your corporate website and configure them so that you have access to the most important statistics to make quick and intelligent decisions.​

Frequently asked questions about web design

It depends on the project and probably the professional you ask: In our case, we prioritize the use of WordPress whenever possible, since it is a very flexible and intuitive system that, once delivered, allows our clients to take charge of their website with a minimum of knowledge or we also can show you how to handle the page by yourself if you wish so.
In the case that the client needs specific functionalities, we have WordPress developer experts who can implement custom tools.

Yes, a minimum of maintenance is always necessary since, as with computers or any technological device, WordPress is made up of modular applications that are constantly changing and it is important to keep them updated to maintain the proper functioning and security of the web.

Simplified: hosting is your home, where your website lives, and the domain, your address, the www that lead you to it. We take care of the management of the purchase of both according to the characteristics of your project, always in your name and charge. This means that we will not be the owners of your address or your hosting: we will keep them updated as long as you trust us to do so, but the day you decide to give it to another professional you will not have to pay us for the access codes. They are all yours.

There are different options:
The best option, a content editor (or copywriter). They are masters of the written word and they are the ones who will best carry out this work; Above all, they are content writers specialized in texts for web.
The most widespread option, the client himself. If the budget does not allow contracting the copywriting service, it must be the client who delivers the web texts, since it will be the client (in no case the agency) who will best know how to describe his services or the history of his company. It is not the most recommended option, since it is a task that requires a lot of time and dedication, something very rarely to have, so in practice, the copywriter saves us time and money.

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