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Web design for hourly sales services: consultants, doctors, coaches, events, activities, therapists, etc...

Monetize your time without geographical limits

Your online calendar with your hours available to offer your services

Sell your services by the hour in an intuitive and simple way for your users, and offer offers for buying hourly bonuses or subscriptions for services that are offered on a recurring basis.

Integration with video call platforms

If you offer the possibility of offering your services via video call, we perform the integration so that an event is automatically created in Google Meet or Zoom with the meeting that your client has purchased with you.

Herramienta para videoconferencias Zoom

Integration with your calendar.

We synchronize your Google Calendar with the calendar of your web page, so that if you or one of your employees has a time slot marked as "busy" in your Google Calendar, it is not possible to reserve that time on your web page.

Your own sales channel to sell your services

Earn freedom by selling your services within your own website. You will maintain absolute control of the data of your clients and potential clients, strategy, prices, and you will not depend on the policies of other platforms, nor will you have to pay commissions for each sale you make.

Receive automatic notifications when a reservation is made

Receive notifications by SMS, Email and/or WhatsApp to be up to date with all the reservations made on your website.

Your calendar integrated with various payment gateways and forms of monetization.

We integrate your online calendar with the payment methods you need (Stripe, PayPal, RedSys, Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Sequra...) and monetize your knowledge in different pricing models, either through a single payment, or through collection fees recurring.

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